Shutdown Cheltenham’s neo-Nazi Clubhouse: Campaign Update

imagesWow! Can you believe we’ve had our petition going now for over a week and we’re nearly at 900 signatures! A big thank you to everyone whose signed it already and shared with your family. We’re going to keep it going until mid July and then present it at the City of Kingston Council meeting on July 23, 2018.

We’ve been in contact with the Council and have provided them with an update on the petition and also with further information on the men associated with the neo-Nazi clubhouse in Cheltenham. Last Sunday at Federation Square members of the neo-Nazi clubhouse filmed themselves abusing, bullying and harassing a circus performer, Dandyman.

A Melbourne street performer who was harassed by a group of white nationalists has returned to work, telling a large group of supporters that “do good in this world and good will happen”. Junkee 

You can read about it here and here plus Clementine Ford wrote a really good piece a couple of days later in the Sydney Morning Herald. We updated Council that they were making national headlines, again, for all the wrong reasons. You can watch Dandyman’s performance a couple of days later at Federation Square here.

Big thank you to the local who sent us some really good information about boxing and licensing. They had a boxing match scheduled tonight which they were going to stream but we let Council know about that too. The event has been cancelled on their Facebook page. The guy in the photo is Neil Erickson and you can read about him here, here, here and here.

Neil Saying Fight Cancelled Happening in 3 weeks LOL

We will post Sunday night about what you can do during the week to help us apply pressure on Council so we can shut this down quickly.

Have a good Saturday night.




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